A-Frame Attachment - OTDR GEAR
A-Frame Attachment - OTDR GEAR
A-Frame Attachment - OTDR GEAR
A-Frame Attachment - OTDR GEAR
A-Frame Attachment - OTDR GEAR

A-Frame Attachment

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This product only works with the single barrel ShotgunBuddy, NOT the ShotgunBuddy PRO.

Attaches to 3/4in square tubing (typical A-frames)

Were you interested in the ShotgunBuddy, but did't know how to use it in an A-Frame? Problem solved. Our A-Frame Attachment is designed to magnetically attach to your ShotgunBuddy. We kept the design small and simple, as we know that every inch in the blind is precious real estate!

Please Note - Both the A-Frame Attachment AND your ShotgunBuddy have a magnet. You may have to flip your magnet orientation in order to align the magnetic poles correctly! If you find that your A - Frame attachment is repelling your ShotgunBuddy, this is what's happening.


How do I flip my magnet around?

Two options:

1. Before assembly of your A-Frame Attachment, take the included magnet and attach it to the bottom of your ShotgunBuddy, if they attach firm and centered, this is the correct orientation. If the ShotgunBuddy magnet repels, or pushes the magnet away or off to the side, flip the magnet and try again. Once you find the correct orientation, this is how you should place it into the A-Frame Attachment.

2. If you have already assembled the A-Frame attachment, it's a little difficult to remove the magnet. The easiest option is to flip the magnet within your ShotgunBuddy! When holding the ShotgunBuddy, take your thumb and press down through the black cushion where your gun rests. When you press hard enough, this will "Pop" out the rubber base of your ShotgunBuddy and separate it from the plastic housing. Then, simply bend the rubber, push the magnet out, flip it, and slide it back in.

Having difficulties? Reach out by email and we'll take care of you! It's helpful if you send us a picture or two. Please contact us here. 


All orders are shipped out next available business day. We are not Amazon fast.. but we're close! Please send us an email if you need more information.

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